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2020-2021 Indy Greenways Girl Scout Patch Program

Saturday, August 22, 2020


The Indy Greenways patch is a local patch program that teaches central Indiana Girl Scouts about the Indy Greenways system. The intent of the program is to raise awareness and educate young kids on the design, function, and proper use of the Indy Greenways and to demonstrate the important role that the greenways play in connecting local communities. It is also intended to instill a level of ownership, responsibility, and stewardship for the greenway system. The program includes both a troop-meeting interactive educational session as well as a stewardship requirement to get Scouts out on the greenways for a community service event. For more information or to purchase patches, visit the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana website at:

You can also download or print the Indy Greenways patch materials from the following links:

Indy Greenways Girl Scout course program

Indy Greenways Patch Educational Support Presentation

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