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Below are links to several useful resources as you help plan, participate, or just head out to Indy Greenways to join the fun.  The first series of links provide resources related to the programming effort, background studies on programming, and the outcomes of our twelve-month pilot project to facilitate and measure programming on Indy Greenways. These resources are provided to assist program service providers with resources from past programming. These resources are also intended to assist other communities which may be considering programming on their own trail systems.

Programming Links:

Indy Greenways Full Circle Master Plan 2013-2023 (May 2014)

Indianapolis Greenways Partnership Pilot Programming Summary Report (August 23, 2019)

Program Development for Broader Engagement with Indy Greenways (Programming Fellowship Outcomes- Indy 2020 Plan- October 2014)

Greenways Programming 2020 Annual Report

Greenways Programming 2020 Annual Report - Appendices

Indy Greenways Map Links:

The links below provide useful links to maps of the overall Indy Greenways trail system as well as maps of several individual greenway segments.  Please note that these maps are from the Indy Greenways Full Circle Master Plan published in 2014:

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