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Greenways 101 for Families and Kids (Bikes)

Saturday, October 10, 2020


Date:  Saturday, October 10, 2020- 10:00 am

Location: Fall Creek Greenway- 6301 East Fall Creek Parkway North Drive, Indianapolis (Trailhead location is on Fall Creek Parkway just south of Fall Creek Road and Skiles Test Nature Park at the curve)

Using a greenway can be confusing for those who haven’t used them or don’t use them often. With so many people using the greenways and using them in different ways, it can be difficult to understand how to safely use our trail system. This “class” is the perfect introduction for families and kids on how to safely use Indy Greenways. The session will include an interactive “training session” that provides an overview of Indy Greenways, etiquette and rules for using the greenways, and useful tips to be aware of when using the trail. The group will then put their training into practice and take a one-mile bike ride along the Fall Creek Greenway to test their new skills. We will also include tips to help kids develop healthy life habits. This program is limited to twelve kids and their families. There will also be hand outs for each child who participates. In light of current Covid-19 restrictions, participants will be required to wear face masks during the training and non-riding portions of the program.  The program is free, but you must pre-register. Families must bring their own bikes and helmets and all participants will be required to wear helmets.

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