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Pennsy Solstice Walk and Celebration

Friday, December 20, 2019


Light the night as we celebrate the Winter Solstice! Beginning at Coal Yard Coffee, we will be decorating lanterns while sipping on hot cocoa and coffee. We encourage all participants to GET CREATIVE and make their own artificially lit lanterns! NO REAL FIRE PLEASE! Forgot to bring your own lantern? We got you covered. Paper lanterns will be available upon arrival. At 6pm the parade of lanterns will take off from Coal Yard Coffee and journey down the Pennsy Trail to Red Barn Arts Collective for the Winter Solstice Celebration! At Red Barn Arts we will celebrate with food, drink, music, and solstice-related crafts and activities for the whole family.

Event Schedule

Registration/Check-In: Coal Yard Coffee (5547 Bonna Ave)- 5:30pm

Parade of Lanterns: Guided Walk along Pennsy east to Red Barn Arts- 6pm

Solstice Celebration: Red Barn Arts Collective (6015 Bonna Ave)- 6:30pm

Parade of Lanterns: Guided Walk along Pennsy west to Coal Yard- 9pm

Notes: Parking available at Coal Yard Coffee which is located at 5547 Bonna Avenue, 46219. Red Barn Arts Collective is located at 6015 Bonna Avenue, 46219.

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