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Eskenazi Health Joins the Indianapolis Greenways Partnership

We are pleased to share that Eskenazi Health has joined the Indianapolis Greenways Partnership as one of our community partners, with a specific focus on helping to plan and grow our Walk with a Doc program. For the past year, Eskenazi Health has been involved with the early development of this program through the work of Dr. Carrie Leathers. Throughout 2019, she facilitated five walks engaging with over 80 participants and talking with people about how walking can develop healthy habits and can lead to better health and well-being. Through Eskenazi Health’s partnership, two additional physicians, Dr. Juan Carlos Venis and Dr. Daniel Pino, will be joining the program to facilitate walks and expand upon what is already in place for the program. In addition to the three physicians, Eskenazi Health will be bringing additional planning resources and promotion to the program. Walks are being planned monthly beginning in spring and running through October.

Through this partnership, many of the walk locations in 2020 are being coordinated on greenways near Eskenazi Health Center locations and coordinated with other Eskenazi Health events, broadening the potential reach for the program. The impact of Eskenazi Health’s involvement is already evident. Many of the walks are also being coordinated near facilities where CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions provides services, creating even greater opportunities for getting more residents involved, and helping to expand the missions of our other community partners. “The opportunity to connect with patients and co-workers in the green spaces of our communities has been truly enjoyable,” said Dr. Leathers. “I can’t wait to discover more of the greenways with my patients this year.” We are extremely excited to welcome Eskenazi Health to the Indianapolis Greenways Partnership!

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