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Meet our Dietitian for the August 19 Walk With a Dietitian Program

The fifth installment of our new walking series Walk With a Dietitian on the Fall Creek Greenway is quickly approaching, and we are excited to introduce you to the Dietitian that will be leading the walk. Michelle Shippy, MCPHD is the Nutrition Incentive Project Director at the Marion County Department of Public Health and will be leading the walk. Her focus will be "Food as Medicine." We sat down for a conversation with Michelle to discuss the August 19, 2023 walk, what participants can expect, and about her love of Indy Greenways.

Tell us a little bit about yourself---who are you, why are you involved, and what is your background? My name is Michelle Shippy and my role at MCPHD is the Nutrition Incentive Project Director. I coordinate Food as Medicine programs throughout Indianapolis which includes partnerships with farmers markets, food retailers, and healthcare systems. Food as Medicine initiatives work towards preventing and managing chronic disease through good nutrition, such as providing resources to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into a person diet. I have been a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and worked for MCPHD for 15 years.

What should users expect if they participate in the program? I will share information and resources about Food as Medicine and the importance of looking at food in a way that is nourishing your body, tastes good and makes you feel better!

Why are the greenways so important? Good nutrition is one piece of the puzzle for overall well-being. Staying active contributes to good health, better moods and overall feeling better. Greenways and improved walkability in our communities is important because everyone deserves the opportunities to being active just like everyone deserves the opportunities to eat good quality, nutritious food.

There is still time to join us! The walk begins at 10:00 am August 19 Fall Creek Parkway Trailhead, 4305 E Fall Creek Pkwy N Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46205 (just east of Keystone Blvd.)


Our Walk With a Dietitian on the Fall Creek Greenway is a new initiative between the Indianapolis Greenways Partnership and the Marion County Public Health Department and occurs on the third Saturday of each month this summer, beginning in April and running through September 16. The program is family-friendly and free. To register for the program please use the following link:

About the Indianapolis Greenways Partnership: The Indianapolis Greenways Partnership is a public-private partnership that provides creative programming which broadens user engagement with Indy Greenways, builds support for the system, and catalyzes further investment in Indy Greenways. The Partnership’s efforts are based upon the premise that providing broad opportunities for residents to engage with the greenways helps to build lifelong advocates, support, and demand for continued investment in the greenway system.

Our Community Partners:

Parks Alliance of Indianapolis

Indy Parks

Indy Arts Council

Jump IN for Healthy Kids

Eskenazi Health

Marion County Public Health Department

CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions

Reconnecting to our Waterways

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