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Greenways Partnership Work Recognized as “Best Practice”

Updated: May 27, 2020

We are pleased to share that the Indianapolis Greenways Partnership has been recognized by the American Planning Association- Indiana Chapter with their Best Practice- Achievement in Planning Award for our work on the 12-month pilot project. The award, recognizes best practices “for a specific planning tool, practice, program, project, or process that emphasizes results and demonstrates how innovative and state-of-the-art planning methods and practices help to create communities of lasting value.” Criteria sued to evaluate the effort included:

  • Originality and innovation —how the project presents a visionary approach or innovative concept to address specific needs.

  • Implementation and Transferability —what steps have been taken to build momentum and public support and the potential for application by others.

  • Engagement —how various public interests were involved and the extent of that involvement, including those who historically have been left out of the planning process., and demonstration of public and private support.

  • Effectiveness and results —how the results have made a difference in the lives of the people affected and the potential for long-term benefit.

The award was supposed to be presented on March 17 at APA-IN’s spring conference in Bloomington, but the conference was cancelled.

“I am really excited for the Greenways Partnership to receive this award,” said Ron Taylor. “I think it is further validation of the great work we did during the pilot project and are continuing work we are doing to be ready for future programming on the greenways. We have created a blueprint that others can follow and that is part of the legacy established with the pilot project. Congratulations to all of our partners for this recognition!”

Check out the video APA-IN created about each of the 2020 award winners.

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